Emergency admission

L'entrée des urgences

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In the case of emergency admission to the Polyclinique du Parc, it is essential that in the interim you :

  1. have nothing more to drink (even water) ;
  2. have no more to eat ;
  3. do not smoke, or chew tobacco ;
  4. do not chew gum ;
  5. bring the list of medicines you are taking ;
  6. bring the results of any recent tests (electrocardiogram, bood tests, reports of any consultations with a specialist) ;
  7. bring your blood group card Carte de groupe sanguin if you have one.

The consultation with the anaesthetist will take place either in the emergency room, or in the admission room, or in the anaesthetics consulting room, depending on your state of health. In the case of emergency admission, it is unlikely that your anaesthetic will be administered by the anaesthetist who examined you at the consultation.