Outpatient surgery


In 1995, the Polyclinique du Parc de Cholet opened an outpatient surgery unit, which is situated on the lower ground floor (RCB button in the elevator).

This unit has its own reception, administrative personnel, nursing staff and orderlies who all have specific training.

Rapid recovery

Outpatient surgery is an alternative to hospital admission. The patient can go home on the same day after surgery or examination.

Our hospital carries out 16 000 operations each year; more than 50% are outpatient surgery.

Current safety regulations and the most recent techniques for anaesthesia favour rapid recovery and allow the patient to leave hospital the same day. Pain management and control are discussed with the team of surgeons.

The outpatient surgery unit

Our outpatient surgery unit has 22 beds in single and double rooms, all with bathroom and television.

Patients can be present from 7 h 30 to 18h, all the year round from Monday to Friday.

Outpatient care allows the patient to arrive during the hour preceding treatment and to leave a few hours after surgery is completed.

Anaesthetics for all types of surgery

We administer anaesthetics for all forms of surgery carried out at the clinic as well as for medical examinations requiring an anaesthetic.

In all cases where outpatient surgury is possible, the details will be explained to you by the anaesthetist during your consultation.

Download the outpatient information sheet