The post-operative phase


In the post-operative phase you will either be back in your room or you will spend a short time in intensive care.

During the first few days after surgery, you will be given special medical care.

The intensive care unit

This unit is situated on the first floor of the Polyclinique du Parc and has eight beds. The patients are admitted by the anaesthetist: either following serious surgery or because the patient has a health issue that may be life-threatening.

Two nurses and two nursing assistants are on duty day and night to observe and monitor using the same type of equipment as in the operating theatre: for cardiac function, blood pressure and oxygen levels in the blood.

Monitors in the intensive care unit

Visiting hours for families are limited to 2 hours per day, from 14h 00 to 16h 00, in order to give the nursing staff the time needed for the attention patients require in intensive care. You may however ask for news of your relative by ringing 02 41 63 45 91.