Your child and the anaesthetic


Your child is going to have surgery and we are taking charge of the anaesthetic.

Apart from exceptional circumstances, and according to the regulations currently in force, we can administer an anaesthetic to children older than one year and weighing over 10 kg.

As in the case of an adult, a consultation before the anaesthetic is obligatory. It will take place in the same way as for an adult, using a vocabulary adapted according to age in order to reassure the child. For surgery that will take longer than 15 minutes where breathing apparatus may be necessary, the anaesthetic will be explained using visual materials.

Access to the anaesthetic consultation pages

On the day of the operation, before surgery takes place your child will be given a sedative premedication, so that he/she feels no apprehension about going into theatre. It is a good idea for the child to take along a favourite soft toy or a comforter.

Child under anaesthetic using a mask

Pediatric anaesthesia
using a perfumed mask

Child under anaesthetic using a mask

You may accompany your child as far as the door of the operating theatre, but you may not come into theatre in order to respect the confidentiality of the other patients. Your child will be under the care of specialized team using special techniques for pediatric surgery (1500 children's anaesthetics each year).

Surgery will only begin once the child is completely unconscious. The anaesthetic is usually administered by placing a perfumed mask over the child's face so that he/she can inhale the anaesthetic gas.

You cannot be admitted to the recovery room; one specialized nurse takes care of one child in a specially designated completely quiet area. On leaving the recovery room, the child will be awarded a bravery certificate.

Pediatric recovery room

Child in a cot in the recovery room

Useful links (in French) : : interactive site for the general public and for children concerning all aspects of pediatrics. Explanations about anaesthetics adapted for children.

Information for parents before their child's anaesthetic: document to download, created by SFAR (Société Française d'Anesthésie et de Réanimation).