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The anaesthesia team intervenes during all three stages of a surgical operation (figures from the year 2009).

Before the operation, or in the pre-operatory phase, 16 000 consultations each year:

  • 13 000 in the anaesthesist consulting rooms,
  • 3 000 in the emergency room or in the hospital room for patients admitted for an emergency operation.

During the operation, or in the per-operatory phase, of the 16 000 anaesthetics carried out each year of which:

  • 70 % general anaesthetics,
  • 30 % local anaesthetics,
  • 1 500 children are given anaesthetic,
  • 850 epidural analgesias are carried out (about 70 % of deliveries).

After surgery, in the post-operative phase:

Patients who have had an operation are then cared for in their room where the anaesthesia team takes charge of medical problems and pain relief. A patient needing more complex care will be treated in one of the 8 beds in the continuing care unit under the supervision of the anaesthetists.