Quality control and customer satisfaction


All the anaesthetists working at the Polyclinique du Parc de Cholet sit on various committees:

  • CLIN : Comité de Lutte contre les Infections Nosocomiales,
  • CLUD : Comité de Lutte contre la Douleur (Pain Control Committee),
  • Cellule Hémovigilance (Transfusion Committee),
  • Cellule Matériovigilance (Equipment Committee),
  • Conseil de bloc opératoire (Operating Theatre Committee),
  • CME : Conférence Médicale d'Établissement (Medical Committee).

We carefully follow the latest recommendations of the professional associations and the latest medical regulations in force:

  • HAS : Haute Autorité de Santé (Health and Safety Authority),
  • CFAR : Collège Français des Anesthésistes-Réanimateurs,
  • SFAR : Société Française d'Anesthésie Réanimation,
  • SRLF : Société de Réanimation de Langue Française,
  • Conseil National de Ordre des Médecins (Fench Medical Council, equivalent of AMA or BMA).

Our professional practices are regularly assessed and our establisment is accredited by the Haute Autorité de Santé.

Our in-house training includes subscriptions to numerous scientific journals and participation of our staff every year in national and international conferences concerning anaesthetics.

We play an active role in the in-house training of hospital personnel, particularly in the practice of emercency cardiopulmonary resuscitation.